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Burns Virtually Any Fuel

Zero Emissions & EPA Compliant

Steam Powered

The S-Fusion All-Fuel Generator

Enables Companies to Burn Clean When They Can

Waste to Power Production
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Operational Biproducts

Use Waste To Power Your Operation

Save money and save our planet by utilizing waste materials to power your operation. Instead of bi-products being a disposal expense, let them power your All-Fuel Generator. See how Aviation companies can use waste oil and contaminated fuel to power their Hangars, their Aircraft fleet on the ground, and charge their Electric GSE Equipment with zero emissions.

Company Vision

Fuel Types

Approved Fuels 

Fuels are constantly being tested and approved to use in our generator

Pelletized Biomass

Liquid Biomass

Gaseous Fuel

Powdered Fuel

Liquid Fuel

Biomass Wood Pellets PNG_edited_edited.p
Liquid Biomass Fuel PNG 1_edited.png
Propane Tank PNG 2_edited.png
Powdered Coal JPEG_edited_edited.png
Gasoline Tank PNG.png
Approved Fuels

Our Mission

To make our clean mobile generators the obvious choice for temporary power.

Cyclone Steam Engine

The S-Fusion All-Fuel Generator

Modern Steam Powered Generator

Ranging in size from 5KW to 5MW, our generators are powered by a modern steam engine. The engine's patented system uniquely removes carbon from the exhaust allowing select fuels to burn with zero emissions. 

Industry Applications

Business & Community

Industry Applications

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Save Lives and Save our Planet

Invest In The Future of Our Children

Discover our Team and see how you can invest, partner with us, or become a bi-product/waste fuel supplier

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